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About Our Company

We Are A Team Of Dedicated Professionals

Our History

Our group was founded in October 1991. Under the guidance of Camelia Busuioc has thrived and became a respected software company.

Our Objective

Our purpose is to deliver the best software solutions that our clients need. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products.

Our Qualities

We are dedicated to the work we do. We are youthful, resourceful and dependable professionals, but the most important trait of our team is that we do not back out of a challenge.

Our Company Direction

We look for new challenges and we always move forward. We treat each project as a infant. We handle it with care, take it step by step and most importantly never give up.

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Our Team Of Experts

Easily Build Team Member Profiles
Camelia Busuioc

Camelia is the founder of Compu-Cons. She graduated Politehnica University in 1980 and is now leading our team to a bright future.

Radu Busuioc

Radu is a senior developer, project manager. He graduated from Politehnica Univesity with a degree in computer science.

Teodora Busuioc
Financial Manager

Teodora is an expert accountant who studied economy at Nicolae Titulescu University.

Cristina Busuioc
HR Manager

One of the best office managers around.

Radu Stefan
Junior Developer

Radu is a junior developer who is Java certified from InfoAcademy. He prefers Android development but welcomes every challenge.

Android Apps

Each assembly-line style platform is dynamic and unique in a way that can sustain industry specific custom features.

iOS Apps

We create mobile applications and Industry Directed Platforms . This allows the client to build custom-apps.

Mobile Cross-Platform Applications

We create simple and powerfull cross-platform applications. Titanium and Phonegap are some of the tools that help us develop these applications.

Web Applications

We deliver not just products, but ingenuous solutions. Web applications build to your specifications

Billing Applications

A working solution. We produce the best applications for your expenses management.

Project Consulting

We provide guidance and if you are out of ideas ask us for one. You will not be disappointed.